Whiting Chalk Powder

Whiting Chalk Powder is manufactured using naturally occurring calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is mined from where the calcite exists in a crystalline form naturally. Whiting Chalk Powder is also known as Whiting Powder or Porbandar Whiting.

  • Price : INR 2200 - 3800 per Metric Tonne (1000 kg)

  • Formula : CaCO3 , MgCO3 , CaMg(CO3)2

  • Microfine / Pure White Off White Yellow
  • Packaging : 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 38kg and 40kg

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 5 Metric Tonne (5000 kg)

  • Transport : Cargo (by ship), Road, Train

More Details About Whiting Chalk Powder

Khushi Minerals’ whiting chalk powder is micro-fine, and smooth in nature. It is an irreplaceable and core component of interior painting. Whiting chalk powder is also called chalk powder.Whiting Chalk Powder is manufactured using naturally occurring calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

It is obtained in an amorphous form where the calcite exists in a crystalline form. In its amorphous form, white chalk powder is also used as a suspending powder in making coatings. Whiting Chalk Powder is also known as Porbunder Whiting or Porbandar Whiting.

Whiting Powder is mainly used to act as a filler pigment to increase the overall coverage of whitewashes, paints, and coatings. The Whiting Chalk Powder is very smooth and fine. The white powder is a slightly abrasive compound, mainly composing calcium carbonate.

Whiting Powder is also used to provide shine and lustre to marble, stainless steel, glass, copper, silverware and other nonferrous metal objects.

Chemical Formula : CaCO3, MgCO3, CaMg(CO3)2.

Khushi Mineral’s Whiting Chalk Powder is used for smoothening wall surfaces before applying paint on the walls. Our Chalk Powder gives a smooth finish and makes the colour stand out. The base and wall colours look very luxurious and give an exotic feel.

The Whiting Chalk Powder is applied on the walls after plastering is completed, and the gypsum and wall putty has been applied. It is usually the final Powder Coating applied on the walls before commencing painting.

The interior primer is the first component applied on the wall before applying whiting powder paste. The primer is once again applied on the Whiting Powder layer before painting the walls.

We at Khushi Minerals have our own, state-of-the-art mines and hi-tech processing units which churn out high-quality whiting chalk powder.

These mines take the raw materials and transform them into pure, nontoxic Chalk Powder. Our equipment ensures that our Chalk Powder is free from impurities and adulteration.

Main Features of Whiting Chalk Powder by Khushi Minerals :

  • Smoothness
  • Elasticity
  • Plasticity

Apart from this, Whiting Chalk Powder helps to improve brightness and light opacity on the coating surface of several items.

How a Painter uses Whiting Chalk Powder

Clean the surface of the application using sandpaper. Apply the initial layer of interior primer on the cleaned surface and then mix 1 Litre of Enamel (Oil Paint) with 20kg of Whiting Chalk Powder. Apply this paste with a putty blade onto the surface and wait for it to dry. After drying, apply another coat of interior primer on the surface. Once the new layer also dries, use the sandpaper for sanding it out. Using higher-strength sandpaper can give the surface a more polished and even finish. Congratulations! Now your surface is ready to be painted with the colours of your choice.

Different Qualities of Whiting Chalk Powder

Quality Comparison Fineness Comparison Color Comparison
Grade 1 350-400 Mesh White, Off Whitish
Grade 2 250-300 Mesh Off White
Grade 3 150-200 Mesh Yellowish White

Physical Properties of Whiting Chalk Powder

  • Appearance : Creamish White Powder
  • Coarse Particle on 240 mesh : max 0.5%
  • Specific Gravity : 2.7 to 2.9
  • PH of 10% aqueous solution : 8.0 – 9.0
  • Oil absorption value : 15 to 20
  • Volatile matter : Max 1%
  • Purity as CaCO3 : min 85%
  • Chemical Composition : CaCO3 (85.0%), SiO2 (1.10%)

Industrial Applications of Whiting Chalk Powder

Paints Industry : Whiting Chalk Powder is used in undercoats, glass putty, primers, distempers, and cement primers. It is one of the main ingredients in dry distemper (as an extender). It is particularly used in matte emulsion paints, where usually around a third of the paint’s weight constitutes the chalk powder.

Rubber Industry : The most commonly used filler in cable wires, rubber footwear, tyres, tubes, erasers, and many other rubber products is Whiting Chalk Powder. Examples include the use around 5-20% loading of chalk powder in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) pipes and window profiles. PVC cables also use chalk powder at loadings of up to 70 phr (parts per hundred parts of resin) to greatly improve mechanical properties like elongation and tensile strength, and electrical properties like volume resistivity.

Plastic Industry : Chalk Powder has a variety of applications in plastic product manufacturing. It is used as a filler component along with other materials to make plastic products smooth and strong. Polypropylene compounds are usually stuffed with chalk powder to increase overall rigidity. Chalk Powder is also used as a filler for thermosetting plastics.

Pesticides :Chalk powder is used in the formulation and processing of pesticide and insecticides. The chalk powder contains adsorbed pesticides like deltamethrin and cypermethrin.

Other Uses : Whiting Chalk Powder is also used in construction, chemical manufacturing, welding rods, foundries and many other industries. Polishing chalk powder is made by collecting chalk with a carefully controlled grain size assortment. It is used for detailed and intricate polishing of very fine metals. Even the toothpaste that you commonly use contains trace amounts of chalk powder, which acts as a mild abrasive for cleaning your teeth. Chalk can also be used as fingerprint powder.

Paints Industry

Rubber Industry

Plastic Industry

Material Storage of Whiting Chalk Powder

The product should be stored in a cool, dry area. Chalk Powder is non-hazardous and non-flammable.

Shelf Life : The shelf life of Whiting Chalk Powder is around 5 years.

Note : The above information is based on test reports and external references. The user should test the trial sample before bulk orders. Since the product is a naturally-occurring processed mineral, the purity may vary by a factor of ± 5%.


Best quality Whiting Chalk Powder

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mixture of whiting chalk powder and water is separated by using our trademark separation methods. To separate the soluble chalk from the liquid water, we use an evaporation and condensation method. Other than this, we also use filtration and sedimentation for insoluble particles."

All our raw material used by us for processing and manufacturing is sourced from the mines of Porbandar, which is famous for its high-quality minerals and natural chemical reserves. We perform stringent tests on the material we receive and use the raw materials of the highest quality only.

Depending on your location, our products may take a few days to reach your location. We package the products well and use various safety techniques to pack the purchases properly. You can further inquire with us if you want your products delivered to you sooner.

Khushi Minerals has Whiting chalk powder, Off white chalk powder, Yellow chalk powder.

Khushi Minerals per day production capacity is 25 tons of whiting chalk powder.

Khushi Minerals Provide Road transport, Train transport, Cargo/Ship/Vessel transport.

Khushi Minerals Provide Road transport, Train transport in Gujarat.

The product will be delivered to you within one week of receiving the order.

Khushi Minerals provides 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 38kg and 40kg bags packing in chalk powder.

Yes, you can send it will be helpful to reduce the cost of the product.

Yes, the cost of the bag will be reduced by Khushi Minerals.

Khushi Minerals provides many methods for payment Cash, Credit Card, Demand Draft, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google pay, Phone pay.

Khushi Minerals three types of payment options. 1. You can pay it full payment in advance. 2. You can pay it by Demand Draft within 60 days credit limit. 3. You can also pay it by Cheque.

Yes, there are three conditions to pay in a cheque 1. The post date of the cheque is after one month. 2. You must send us the cheque via courier in advance. 3. And we receive the cheque then after your product will be shipped from here.

Yes, you can pay cash on delivery, One of our team members will be there with the shipment at the time of delivery, you will have to pay it in full amount to them, but it will be more costly.

Khushi Minerals provides the best quality chalk powder its description is as under (1) Al2O3 (%) = 84-88 (2) Fe2O3 (%) = ≤ 4 (3) CaO (%) = ≤ 1.5 (4) SiO2 (%) = ≤ 4.0 (5) Tio2 (%) = ≤ 4.0 (6) BD (gm/cc) = ≥ 3.2

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