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Siraj Dinani Founder and CEO of Khushi Minerals | Khushi Minerals

Siraj Dinani

I am Siraj Dinani, the Founder and CEO of Khushi Minerals. I’ve been involved in various businesses for over a decade. I hold a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Gujarat Technological University(GTU), but entrepreneurship and business development have always piqued my interest.

I come from a family with a long line of business people. This helped me gain extensive experience working with and running organizations, and most of my family are also involved in trades of their own. My grandfather was a Battiwala, who’s family used to be one of the prominent suppliers of batti, or lanterns, for the entire city of Porbandar. My uncles are also prominent businessmen and are involved in several different businesses, spread out in different countries.

Coming from a progressive business household, I was raised with ethics and discipline. From a young age, I was exposed to the intricacies of running a business and was indoctrinated with a strong moral code of conduct. Hence for me, the ethos, pathos and logos of my business are paramount. My goal is to create a business venture which caters to the needs of my clients and customers, without compromising on my ethics and the quality of experience I provide to them.

With Khushi Minerals, I want to deliver value to my customers and give them the highest quality materials they need. Along with financial satisfaction, I also want to provide human satisfaction. Along with my business, I also run various not-profit initiatives. A small part of the proceeds from my business goes into many philanthropic endeavours.

For me, I never think of any work as small or big. No matter the size of the order, I will give my clients all the time, support and assistance they need. All our employees are a crucial part of our company, and I consider them my own family. My vision for Khushi Minerals is to grow it as a big, prosperous family.

Being a postgraduate from a technical background, I am always looking for ways to implement new techniques, advanced technology, and efficient methods to improve my work. From using advanced processing techniques to efficient and fast-working machinery, I aim to create a business that is relevant and sustainable.

Our Company

Khushi Minerals is Whiting Chalk Powder and other Industrial Minerals Dealer and Manufacturer based out of the Chalk capital of India, Porbandar. We are focused on delivering quality and have a one-track mind when it comes to maintaining the highest possible standards. We value our customers deeply and have the highest respect and empathy for their needs and requirements. We maintain a strict customer-first policy; our products are packed and curated, keeping the customer in mind.

Our Products

Our products range includes Whiting Chalk Powder, French Chalk Powder or Talc Powder, Calcite Powder, Gypsum Powder, Plaster of Paris Powder and Dustless Chalk Powder. Our products are manufactured in supervised hi-tech facilities, using the highest grade of raw material and state-of-the-art equipment.

We use the highest quality Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) to make our Whiting Chalk and Calcite Powders. These A-grade raw minerals are directly sourced from Porbandar, which is popularly known to have the richest deposits of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). This makes sure that only the highest grade of products are made available to the customer.

Our Mining and Processing equipment are stringently supervised during working hours and are manned by highly skilled and trained professionals. We have strict rules for sourcing our raw materials, and only the best quality raw material is used for manufacturing our products. We also conduct regular checks and conduct maintenance of all our equipment to ensure the highest quality of products.

We use efficient and powerful primary and secondary grinders, and grain processing machineries to sift through the raw minerals with speed and accuracy. Our ball mill and classifier systems are regularly cleaned and maintained not to disrupt our manufacturing processes. Our melt processing equipment is thoroughly cleaned and greased daily to counteract the effects of the abrasive action of the minerals and compounds that we work with.

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and ensuring the safety of our employees is our top priority. Hence we use top-grade dust collectors and automated packing machines. A team of specially curated experts in the field of mining and mineralogy supervise all our different operations and provide us with the most optimal solutions for various objectives and challenges that we face.

To further assure and maintain our policy of providing only the highest standards and quality, we conduct regular visits and surveys with our clients, for taking feedback and suggestions on the delivery, quality and packaging of the products.

Giving Back to the People

Khushi Minerals was established to provide for its true lifeline – its people. The main goal of this company is not to build more wealth, but to build more job opportunities, and help people.

Hot, along with the heels of the Make In India initiative, we aim to create more sustainable employment for our countrymen. Making our employees financially sound and independent is one of our core driving principles.

Being an employee at Khushi Minerals is the same as being a part of our extended family. To support our employees and contracted workers, and provide more opportunities for the coming generation, we help assist in schooling and education to the children of our workers.

Keeping With The Times

We understand the importance of technology for up and coming businesses. In the 21st century, there is a need for every company to keep up with the times, and stay modern and relevant for its consumers. Hence, we’ve made it our mission to use innovative and sustainable initiatives for our minerals manufacturing and mining operations.

From sponsoring extensive R&D programs to investing heavily in cutting-edge equipment, Khushi Minerals have been at the forefront of adopting modern methods and techniques.

To further stimulate our growth, and increase our scope of operations, we will soon be incorporating Khushi Minerals as Khushi Minerals Private Limited.