Frequently Asked Questions

A mixture of whiting chalk powder and water is separated by using our trademark separation methods. To separate out the soluble chalk from the liquid water, we use an evaporation and condensation method. Other than this, we also use filtration and sedimentation for insoluble particles.

All our raw material used by us for processing and manufacturing is sourced from the mines of Porbandar, which is famous for its high-quality minerals and natural chemical reserves. We perform stringent tests on the material we receive and use the raw materials of the highest quality only.

Depending on your location, our products may take a few days to reach your location. We package the products well and use various safety techniques to pack the purchases properly. You can further inquire with us if you want your products delivered to you sooner.

Our Plaster of Paris Powder is specially prepared to be used in a wide variety of applications. The Plaster of Paris Powder can be used in sculpting, art, construction, and medical field. It can also be used for decoration and other various purposes.

Yes, you can use certain approved liquid pigments to colour the Plaster of Paris Powder. This is due to the fine, micro-sized particles of the Plaster of Paris Powder, which are of high quality, and won’t get diluted because of the paint pigment compounds.

It is not recommended to use ANY Plaster of Paris Powder outside, as the main constituent of Plaster of Paris is Gypsum, which is slightly soluble in water. Alternatively, you could add a polymer base to the plaster mixture to make it water-resistant.

Our Gypsum Powder is available in three different Grades and can be used for a wide variety of applications. The purity of our Gypsum Powder is rated at 98-99%. This is achieved by making use of advanced cleaning, sorting and processing equipment and techniques.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques that meet international standards to manufacture our Gypsum Powder. We only select the good quality Calcium Sulphate blocks and process these extensively to end up with the final product of Gypsum Powder.

To provide our employees with a safe working environment and to assure the best quality of products for our customers, we maintain a high standard of safety in our facilities. All our equipment and employees adhere to safety protocols, which are on par with international protocols.

Contrary to popular belief, French Chalk Powder is not manufactured or sourced from France. French chalk powder is a derivative of processed hydrated magnesium silicate and is mined, processed and manufactured in Porbandar, India.

Our French Chalk Powder meets all the international standards of safety and has very low toxicity levels, hence it can be safely used for the manufacture of cosmetics like makeup powders, scented talcum powders and even baby powders.

Khushi Minerals provides a fast and on-time delivery all over the country, with our logistics covering pan-India locations. You can also avail customized delivery options, ranging from date selections, to express deliveries. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at (put phone number).

Our Dustless chalk powder is easily dyeable and can be used to make chalk sticks of various different colours. The different colours can be obtained by the use of soluble dyes or by the addition of coloured chemical compounds to the chalk mix.

The Dustless Chalk Powder that we offer is safe to use. It is free from impurities and wayward dust particles. The chalk powder is further treated with government-approved chemicals. Hence, there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction being triggered.

Since we cater and supply raw materials to big and extensive industries, we do not have a limit on the maximum order that can be placed. We accept all orders from our customers and give an equal amount of high preference to all kinds of orders.

Our Calcite Powder is widely used in the manufacture of dietary calcium supplements, phosphate binders, antacids, and even as the base vector material for medicines and tablets. It is also used in edible food products like baking powder, ready-made dessert mixes, toothpaste, wines and doughs.

If you need Calcite Powder for the manufacturing of Plastics, Paints, and Coatings, we recommend Grade 1 (96% Purity) Calcite Powder (2 - 5 microns). For Paper and alternative Plastics, we recommend Grade 2 (94% Purity) Calcite Powder (10 microns). For refined Paper, Rubber Processing and Adhesives, Grade 3 Calcite Powder of 92% Purity and 15 microns is the best. For Cement and Building Construction materials, Grade 4 Calcite Powder (90% Purity) of 20 microns is used.

Our Suppliers make use of techniques like surface mining, in-pit crushing and conveying, dragline excavations, underground mining, continuous mining, longwall mining, long haul mining, and other types of sustainable mining. We use advanced landscaping and surveying methods to inspect the prospective sites before deciding on the best way to proceed with the mining operations.